The Best Section 8 Homes and Rentals Guide

Counting Down the Best in Section 8

Are you looking for Section 8 homes and rentals? Feeling frustrated by the lack of easy-to-find housing options? In an emergency situation and need new housing immediately? Well you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we count down the very best resources, listings and services available to help you find Section 8 housing availabilities in your local area fast. Each service has its pros and cons so we recommend reviewing them all and only then decide which works best for your specific case and family needs.

So, without any further ado, we present you with the Top 8 Section 8 Countdown!

#8 –

Find a great place to live with the largest affordable housing listing service in the nation – whether you have a section 8 voucher or are just looking for a good deal. Due to their close relationship with hundreds of municipalities and government agencies, GoSection8 has helped millions of families with their housing needs. Search now and you may find more affordable rental listings than any other housing website. The service is offered completely free to home-seekers earning 8th Position in our Section 8 Countdown.

#7 –

Not only does provide extensive home and rental listings, they also provide tons of free information for individuals looking to educate themselves on a variety of financial issues including help paying rent and accessing affordable healthcare. They also provide regularly updated news and reports on low-income housing and rent reform. Get information on payment assistance as well as special programs for renters with disabilities and US Veterans. With a convenient website design and easy to follow instructions, Homeforward.orgnow is deserving of the 7th Position in our countdown.

#6 –

First things first, is a paid service. They charge their users $49.00 for a month-long membership that entitles them to the following:

Thousands of hourly updated and verified listing including exclusive listings not found on free sites.

Detailed descriptions, interior and exterior photos, street views and demographics.

Intuitive, targeted searches by city, neighborhood, ZIP code, price range and more.

Save your search criteria and matching listings.

New listings and search results sent to your phone and email daily.

24/7 customer support including online help with your search.

Although claims to have helped a large number of its customers, please note that we do not endorse this product, and only offer it here as an option for your review and specific needs. Visit now and judge for yourself.

#5 –

This sub-domain on the Credio website is an excellent source for finding available Section 8 housing fast. With a layout and search functionality similar to any of the top real estate search engines, Credio allows its user to sort by HUD Inspection Score, Value Score, User Rating and Rent to FMR Ratio. They also offer a Section 8 Guide. Due to their excellent search functionality, Credio earns the 5th Position in our Top 8 Countdown.

Counting Down the Best in Section 8

#4 – (Affordable Housing) offers another excellent and free resource for Section 8 and affordable housing and rentals. In addition they offer a superb resources section containing frequently asked questions as well as various guides on the application and review process. Visit (Affordable Housing) to find availabilities in your local area.

#3 – (Section 8 Apartments For Rent)

An up and coming website in the rental listings industry is They also offer an additional search capability for Section 8 and low income rentals. Their service is free to use and allows you to compare different listings as well as bookmark favorite listings for easy review at a later time. For these reasons and based on user feedback, (Section 8 Apartments For Rent) lands at 3rd in our Top 8 Countdown.

#2 –

What makes this website unique is that it includes the HUD Inspection Score, which reflects the general condition of an apartment building. Make sure that the location you are renting is safe for your family by considering this number in your decision. In addition, this website provides HUD’s value rating. Rentals can receive a score of one to five stars in terms of the value of the location. These useful pieces of information can be crucial when making a housing decision and it is for this reason that is runner-up in our Top 8 countdown.

And the #1 Resource in Our Countdown Is…

#1 –

This government run website is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and is dedicated to helping you find affordable housing no matter your location. There are links to public housing agencies, rental agencies and housing counseling agencies to help you decipher your housing needs. There is never a better option than going direct to the source and for Section 8 Homes and Rentals is the website to visit.

So there you have it, 8 options to assist you in your Section 8 Housing search. As recommended earlier, we urge you to review each of these resource sites as you never know which will be the one that will lead to your new home. Please make sure and let us know what worked and what didn’t so we can update this list in future versions.

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